Team PMB

Team PMB is the student leadership organization of the Panther Marching Band. These students play an important role in the success in the ensemble. These positions include:

  • Drum Majors
  • Section Leaders
  • Captains (Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion, Color Guard)
  • Senior Assistants


Auditions for these area occur in November of each year. 


Drum Majors 

The Panther Marching Band Drum Majors, in addition to conducting, will assist in the teaching of drill as well as correcting marching fundamentals and drill execution errors during rehearsals.  The Drum Majors are part of the Student Staff and attend appropriate meetings.  Candidates for Drum Major must have at least one year of participation in the Panther Marching Band.  The Drum Major responsibilities include:


  • Serve as a conductor
  • Assist Dr. Francis with preparation for student staff meetings/preseason camp.
  • Coordinate visual aspects of marching band performances, including drill cleaning, alignment/interval adjustments, horn angles, etc.
  • Assist individuals who are having problems marching or playing.
  • Work with student staff to reinforce duties throughout the season
  • Coordinate and run individual section rehearsals during preseason camp and the regular season.
  • Conduct the Panther Marching Band at rehearsals, performances, pep rallies and in the stands.
  • Provide leadership for student members of the Panther Marching Band.
  • Be the face and voice of the Panther Marching Band for interviews, orientation, etc.
  • Attend Smith-Walbridge Drum Major Camp in July.

Those interested in auditioning for Drum Major, click here:


Section Leaders

The sound and marching style of the Panther Marching is determined through communication between Dr. Francis, the Student Staff, and the Graduate Assistants. Section Leaders are responsible for the musicality and visual elements of their section.  Candidates for Section Leader must have at least one year of participation in the Panther Marching Band. The Section Leader responsibilities include:


  • Accountable for all aspects of their section.  
  • Understanding all musical concepts of Dr. Francis and the Panther Marching Band
  • Rehearse and prepare all musical elements within their respective sections
  • Accuracy of rhythm
  • A section sound with a matched tone and pitch    
  • Proper interpretation and style of all music        
  • Consistency and uniformity of playing style
  • Instruments kept in good playing condition
  • Maintaining discipline on and off the field
  • Organize and rehearse music sectionals
  • Assure parts are correct.  Check score when needed                                                  
  • Visual uniformity and style of all marching and posture, horn angles, proper marching style, alignment/interval adjustments, and posture
  • Check and set all dimensions of dress in forms on the field
  • Offer constructive assistance to others within the band
  • Provide feedback for Captains
  • Run marching sectionals during preseason camp and daily rehearsals
  • Teach the section the concept of making forms during rehearsals and adjusting to the form during performances.
  • Proper care and maintenance of instruments and uniforms
  • Uniform and Instrument Inspection


Captains (Brass, Woodwinds, Color Guard, Drums)

Captains are serve as the liaison between the section leaders of their area. Additionally, they are responsible for communicating with Dr. Francis regarding members experiencing problems visually or musically. They determine line-up on the field and in the stands, correct assignment errors, and supervise marking of drill. Teaching large sectionals visually and musically is also part of their responsibilities.


Senior Assistants

The Senior Assistants are responsible for the daily organization of rehearsal materials and equipment.  They are involved in transporting equipment, trip organization, and field maintenance.  In addition, there are new responsibilities for those students with knowledge or passions with web design, photography, and graphic design.  The Senior Assistants are full members of the Panther Marching Band and must attend all rehearsals.  They are not responsible for individual equipment. 

  • Responsible for placement of all field equipment
  • Responsible for proper storage of all marching band equipment/facilities
  • Carry special equipment including raincoats, guard equipment
  • Coordinate with Staff to assist in above duties
  • Responsible for setting up and breaking down rooms for indoor rehearsals
  • Graphic Design work for promotional materials
  • Upkeep and editing of the PMB website
  • Taking still pictures during games


Those interested in auditioning for Section Leaders, Captains, and Senior Assistance, apply here: