Tournament Band

In the weeks prior to the post-season, information about Tournaments will be distributed.  We will send bands to both the men’s and women’s tournaments and with the Eastern Illinois teams in the NCAA tournaments if the teams are eligible.  Membership of the tournament bands is determined by: 

1.  Instrumentation

2.  Point System 

3.  Seniority based on number of years in the band

4.  Service to the band (decided at the Director’s discretion)

5.  Coin Toss.

Every member of the band who acquires a minimum number of points (for attending all assigned games and rehearsals) is eligible for post-season travel.  Students will then be assigned to tournament bands by the director.  Should the Panthers reach the NCAA, that band will be determined separately, based on instrumentation, points, and student availability.

OVC Tournament bands will include the following instrumentation:

Piccolo—1  Trumpet II—3 Baritone—2

Clarinet—2  Trumpet III—4  Sousaphone—3

Alto Sax—2 Mellophone—4  Drum Set—1 

Tenor Sax—1 Trombone I—4  Bass—1

Trumpet I—3 Trombone II—4  Director—1

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