Panther Basketball Band Point System

The point system keeps record of each individual’s contribution to the  Panther Basketball Band.

Add 1 point for the following:

  • Each ASSIGNED game
  • Each time you attend a game as a SUBSITIUTE for another band member
  • Each time you show up to a game you are not assigned to 

Deduct 1 point for the following:

  • Missing a rehearsal for any reason
  • Missing any ASSIGNED game and not sending a substitute.
  • Every two unexcused tardies.
  • Playing a part other than your own unless instructed to do so by a director

Additional comments:

There will be no point addition or subtraction to an absent band member’s point total, as long as a substitute is sent to the performance in their place.

Additional points will be given at the discretion of the director for volunteer games only if personnel is difficult to fill.

Excessive tardies, absences or early dismissals from rehearsals or performances may result in dismissal from the band pending a decision by the  director and staff.

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