Panther Basketball Band General Rules

  • It is the student’s responsibility to read, comprehend, and abide by the rules contained within the Basketball Band Rules and Regulations.

  • As a member of an organization that represents the Eastern Illinois University Bands, Eastern Illinois University, and the State of Illinois, students are expected to be respectful of themselves and others at all times.  This includes maintaining self-discipline during rehearsals and performances.  Remember to always support the Panther Basketball teams, but do it with a great deal of pride and class.  Profanity or personal attacks directed at any player, coach, or official will not be tolerated.  Repeated offenses may result in dismissal from the Basketball Pep Band.

  • Music should be maintained for re-use.  Basketball Band music folders are NOT to be taken home.  Please take care of all music folders.  After rehearsals and games, return your book to the music box.  

  • Cooperate fully with Directors, Graduate Assistants, Senior Assistants, athletic officials and Undergraduate Staff members.

  • You are financially responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen school equipment.  Be especially careful on road trips.  Please take care of all University property.  All school instruments should be returned within two weeks following the last performance of the season.  Those who fail to do so will be charged accordingly.

  • Sit with your section in your assigned area during games.

  • No one is to leave Lantz Arena during the games without the consent of the Director.

  • No smoking or eating is allowed in the DFAC or Lantz Arena. 

  • In keeping with Eastern llinois University and the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics rules and policies, members of the Basketball Band will not possess, consume, or act under the influence of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs at any Basketball Band rehearsal, performance, or other official gathering, nor will members act under the after-effects of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs.  Members will not possess, consume or act under the influence of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs while wearing the Basketball Band shirts, nor while traveling with, or staying at accommodations provided by the Basketball Band or Athletics.  It is understood that any violation of these rules will result in severe penalties.  These penalties may include suspension from the band, being sent home at the student’s expense, and expulsion from the Basketball Band.

  • Members of the Basketball Band will adhere to all policies, procedures, and guidelines as stated in the annual Eastern Illinois University Code of Policies and Regulations and Student Code by Judicial Affairs.  Any conduct which is in violation of these policies will be dealt with by the University in accordance with current policies and could result in suspension or dismissal from the Basketball Band.



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