Panther Basketball Band Attire

It is required that everyone wear their Panther Marching Band Shirt, blue jeans, belt, and "tennis" shoes for every game.  You will not be admitted to the game if you are not in uniform.  Additional shirts are available for those members of the pep band that were not part of the marching band during the fall semester. 

TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR APPEARANCE!  Many judgments about a group are based on appearance alone.  You are either in your uniform or you are not.  This means that you must wear ALL of the uniform properly when in public.  A sloppy appearance is not first class behavior and will not be tolerated in the Panther Basketball Band.  Wear your uniform with pride.  Further requirements include:

A.  Shirt and pants cleaned.

B.  No visible jewelry or other obtrusive items                 

C.  No extreme make-up is to be worn while in uniform or for performances unless permission has been granted from the director. 

Basketball Band Info