Drum Major Audition Information


If you are interested in auditioning for the position of Drum Major of the Panther Marching Band, please fill out the drum major application HERE. It is due by November 11 at 4PM. Once your application has been submitted, Dr. Francis will contact you and a time will be assigned to you for the first round of auditions.
There are three rounds for the Drum Major Audition process.  Each round contains certain criteria pertaining to the position of Drum Major here at the Eastern Illinois University.  Following each round, a list of candidates will be posted that will advance to the next round. 


Round 2


Basic Conducting, Style, & Tempo

Each candidate will conduct patterns, styles, and tempos without the use of a metronome:
  • 2, 3, and 4 patterns at tempos of quarter note = 60 90 120 144
  • Be able to conduct styles of legato, staccato, and marcato
  • Can you keep a solid pattern with a solid tempo while demonstrating a specific style?


Conducting and Score Study

  • Each candidate will conduct Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy from memory and to a recording
  • Incorporate cues, dynamics, and showmanship to make this performance ready
  • Click HERE for a score
  • Candidates that are selected from the application process to Round 2 will receive a mp3 copy of the song.


Round 3


Wednesday November 20, 2013
Doudna 1550
Greet the PMB by introducing yourself stating your first and last name, your major, your instrument, the high school you attended, what town or city you are from, and how many years you have been in the Panther Marching Band.  Finally, share with the PMB why you would like to be their next drum major.
Candidates will have 5 minutes to model, teach, and assess the marching fundamental of the position of attention with the Marching Illini.
Each candidate will conduct Salute to America for the Final Round of Auditions.
All candidates in this round will be evaluated by the judging panel and the students in the PMB.