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The study of language and literature deepens self-understanding, opens up the broad diversity of human viewpoints and cultures, hones writing and thinking skills, and intensifies the appreciation of the arts of literature and writing. It disciplines the mind as it teaches skills in critical thinking, research, and communication valued in a wide variety of careers.

The Department of English, under the College of Arts and Humanities at Eastern Illinois University, offers majors in English and English with teacher certification; minors in English, English with teacher certification, professional writing, and creative writing; and the master of arts degree in English.

Departmental Honors Program


Study Abroad Opportunities

England: Harlaxton Manor (semester program), England: Harlaxton Manor (summer), South Africa, Costa Rica

Student Professional Organizations

Three student organizations are closely affiliated with the Department of English: English Club, Sigma Tau Delta and Writers Ink. Information about our RSOs is available at: http://www.eiu.edu/english/student_organizations.php

Professional Development Opportunities

The Vehicle is a biannual literary magazine produced by the students of Eastern Illinois University.

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English, Coleman Hall 3135
Contact Name: Dr. Dana Ringuette
Contact Email: dringuette@eiu.edu
Web: http://www.eiu.edu/english/