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The Master of Arts in English offers students opportunities to pursue advanced training in one of four areas of concentration: Literary Studies, Literary Studies with Creative Writing emphasis, Composition/Rhetoric and Professional Writing. The program will prepare students for careers in a variety of fields, including secondary and college-level teaching, editing and publishing, research and technical writing in either the private or the public sector.
Master of Arts graduates will also be prepared to undertake further study at the doctoral level. Close contact with the department's excellent graduate faculty allows students to deepen their knowledge of literary study, the teaching of writing and literature, and the use of technology for both scholarly and practical research. Graduate assistantships, internships, mentorships, and some classroom teaching are available and integrated into students' individualized programs of study.

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Literary Studies , Composition/Rhetoric, Professional Writing, Literary Studies with Creative Writing Emphasis

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Student Professional Organizations

EGSO is the English Graduate Student Organization at Eastern Illinois University. Visit the EGSO website at: http://egsoeiu.wordpress.com/

Professional Development Opportunities

We offer a substantial number of graduate assistantships, which offer a monthly stipend and tuition waiver. Graduate assistants work in the Writing Center and may apply to teach a writing class in their second year; they may also assist professors with research or editorial work. Creative writers work with well-published, well-connected writers of poetry, fiction, drama, and creative nonfiction; participate in readings, writing contests, and digital story-telling projects; interact frequently with visiting writers; and get involved with two literary magazines associated with EIU: Bluestem and The Vehicle. Professional writing internships and mentored teaching opportunities are available to all students, offering hands-on experience. Students in all fields present their work at local and national professional conferences as well as on-campus venues.

Graduate Assistant Opportunities

Graduate assistantships available through the English Department are awarded on a competitive basis. As of September 2013, stipends were $885 per month; tuition (though not fees) is waived for graduate assistants. In addition to financial aid, graduate assistantships provide valuable training and experience. Assistants tutor in the University's Writing Center, assist with Writing across the Curriculum, and/or serve as editorial or research assistants. Assistants who complete the required sequence of training in composition pedagogy may apply to teach first-year writing courses. Learn more at: https://www.eiu.edu/englishgrad/funding.php

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English, Coleman Hall 3030
Contact Name: Dr. Suzie Park, Graduate Coordinator
Contact Email: sapark@eiu.edu
Coordinator Profile: http://www.eiu.edu/graduate/prospective_degreeprograms_english.php
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