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The Master of Arts in Art program is designed to provide candidates with advanced artistic development and professional growth as well as prepare candidates for further graduate study. The two-dimensional areas of studio art concentration include drawing, painting and printmaking. Three-dimensional areas of studio art concentration include ceramics, jewelry/metalsmithing, and sculpture. The Online Master of Arts in either Art Education or Community Arts options are progressive online programs designed to strengthen the professional development of certified art teachers or art related educational professionals. The art education option does not lead to teacher certification/licensure.


Art Education, Community Arts

Hours Required

32 Semester Hours

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Graduate Assistant Opportunities

Teaching Assistantships in Art Department instructing lab sections of Introduction to Art, Graduate Assistantship at Tarble Arts Center, Graduate Assistantship at Doudna Fine Arts Center in support of Fine Arts and Humanities programming

Faculty Listing

Faculty Research Interests

Art Education Faculty:

Dr. Patricia Belleville - Area of research interest is “Background Knowledge,” which is what a student knows about knowledge in a particular domain. This knowledge manifests itself as vocabulary, and leads to concept formation through the use of vocabulary in the discussion and making of art. The ability to be able to use appropriate vocabulary in talking or thinking about art may also help adults retain a life long interest in art. Current research project examines the use of the National Social Studies Standards to guide the use of Art History in the development of art curriculums and how they can be used to structure the way children think about art. The topics presented as part of the social studies curriculum allow the students to develop background knowledge about a subject and will enable them to learn the subject thoroughly and provide depth and breath to the educational experience.

Instructor, ABD. Karen Cast - Experienced educator versed in curriculum development, and development and assessment of student outcomes.

Studio Art Faculty:

Asst. Prof. Matthew Boonstra - Medium to large scale, gallery sculpture.

Prof. Jenny Chi - Specialize in the area of figurative art. The creative theme of recent work is based on Greek Mythology in a style of Romantic Realism.

Assoc. Prof. Ann Coddington - Utilizes fiber techniques from the traditional craft of basketry to create sculptural expressions that explore how life experiences are sensed, evinced, accumulated and stored in the body.

Prof. David Griffin - Jewelry and hollowware design.

Prof. Chris Kahler - Creative work is focused on painting. Areas of expertise include oils, acrylic and watercolor.

Instructor, Bo Kim - Creative work is focused on painting. Areas of expertise include oils, acrylic and watercolor.

Prof. Dwain Naragon - The focus of creative work in ceramics is centered around the use of the potters wheel to create vessel forms and tiles in both stoneware and porcelain clays.

Asst. Prof. Alan Pocaro - Creative work is focused on painting and digital art. Areas of expertise include oils, acrylic, printmaking and watercolor.

Art History Faculty:

Dr. Stephen Eskilson - Modern and contemporary periods, with a focus on the history of graphic design and the evolution of motion graphics over the last decade.

Dr. Robert Petersen - Various ways modern media adopt traditional means of expression and history of contemporary narrative art.

Art, Doudna Fine Arts Center 2820
Contact Name: Ann Coddington, Graduate Coordinator - MA Art Studio; Patricia Belleville, Graduate Coordinator - Art Education and Community Art Options
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