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Applied Engineering Technology is a field of study designed to prepare technical and/or management oriented professionals for employment in business, industry, education, and government. Individuals interested in working with people, materials, and processes will find Applied Engineering Technology provides an excellent foundation for a challenging career. An Applied Engineering Technology major must be capable of succeeding in the areas of physical science and mathematics as well as in the technological and applied areas. Applied Engineering Technology majors are typically highly self-motivated and find challenge in diverse academic areas.

The Applied Engineering Technology program is interdisciplinary in nature, emphasizing the technical, managerial, scientific, and communications aspects of the education experience. The program offers four areas of concentration listed below.


Alternative Energy and Sustainability, Construction, Design and Production, Digital Media Technologies, Specially Designed Area of Study

Departmental Honors Program


Four Year Degree Plan

Graduate Degree Opportunities After Graduation

M.S. in Technology, M.S. in Sustainable Energy

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Typical Starting Positions

Manufacturing Engineer; Security Technical Support; Quality Assurance Engineer; Sales Engineer; Maintenance Engineer; Graphics and Production Director; Production Supervisor Consultant; Print Production Manager; Cost Estimator; Project Manager; Construction Project Manager

Study Abroad Opportunities

Exploration of Italian Technology, History, and Culture.

Research Opportunities

AET has a very active Departmental Honors program with extensive opportunities to work directly with faculty members on a research project and earn academic credit.

Student Professional Organizations

Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Construction Club
Technical Association of Graphic Arts

Faculty Listing

Applied Engineering & Technology, Klehm Hall 3149
Contact Name: Dr. Isaac Slaven, Applied Engineering and Technology Program Coordinator
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