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The overall goal of the Department of Chemistry is to provide students with an excellent foundation in chemistry, encompassing both theoretical concepts and practical applications, and to prepare them for the next step in their chosen career paths. Our graduates continue on into graduate or professional school, employment as chemists in industrial or governmental labs, management or sales positions within chemically-related companies, or teaching at the high school, college, or university levels. Chemistry majors at EIU earn a Bachelor of Science degree and choose one of the following concentrations:

Chemistry Concentration: This is an American Chemical Society (ACS)-approved program, chosen by many students interested in employment in industry or government, as well as by those students pursuing advanced degrees (M.S. or Ph.D.) in chemistry.

Biochemistry Concentration: Students in this program take courses in biology in addition to advanced work in biochemistry. This course of study is attractive to students interested in understanding the chemistry of living systems and leads to employment in the biotechnology industry or further study in medicine, dentistry, or graduate school.

Management Concentration: This concentration prepares students for business oriented positions within the chemical industry. Both chemical and business skills are developed. This program also contains the undergraduate prerequisites for the MBA program.

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