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The Department of Economics wants to help qualified individuals achieve their goals for graduate education and real world problem solving. We are a collegial group of scholars committed to quality education and research. We believe in hands-on education, developing the tools and intuition necessary to engage in practical research. Please feel free to follow up your review of our program materials with an email or phone call to our graduate advisor. He can help you contact individual faculty about their work, find out about the activities of our current and former graduate students, or learn more about applying your skills in economics.

The Master of Arts degree provides training for positions in business, government, or continued training at the doctoral level. Whether your goal is private, public, or Ph.D., our program is designed to develop your analytical and critical thinking, writing, and quantitative skills.


Applied Microeconomics Track, Global Economy Track

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Economics, Coleman Hall 2811
Contact Name: Dr. Mukti Upadhyay, Graduate Coordinator
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