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Our program develops competent construction professionals by engaging students in the field, laboratory, and classroom using the following educational tools: Technology-driven Curricula: The course work incorporates the latest available software applications, BIM programs, animations, simulations, and virtual reality methods to effectively plan projects, communicate to project stakeholders, and analyze project performance. Value-added Learning: Students will learn to maximize the value of a design by understanding life-cycle costing techniques, sensor networks, and begin to understand the concept of intelligent building design. Business Emphasis: Principles of accounting, finance, risk minimization, and employee protection are emphasized so that the students will develop the best overall construction techniques for their project. Constructability: Students will learn from instructors experienced in the construction field. This lends practicality to the students’ training. The student will gain a working knowledge of these concepts to communicate with engineering subject experts as they develop their craft. Students will apply learning through a combination of interactive lecture/demonstration classes, graphic exercises and field exercises.

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Construction Management,
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