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The goal of the online Master of Science in Talent Development is for graduates to be able to successfully apply the skills needed to perform within the talent development occupation. This goal requires understanding of complex talent development concepts and ideas -- for the ability to successfully analyze, design, facilitate, manage, and evaluate various talent development enterprises. To meet this overarching goal, students will be prepared to achieve the following performance objectives, each of which is supported by one or more key courses:

Analyze the talent development needs from organizational to performance to learning perspectives;

Design and develop effective talent development initiatives that meet performance goals and objectives and are data driven;

Implement and facilitate talent development initiatives utilizing proper organization and methods;

Manage talent development initiatives, projects, and systems;

Analyze, evaluate and measure the overall success of talent development initiatives;

Consult with various talent development stakeholders.

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Talent Development, 1018 Klehm Hall
Contact Name: Dr. David Melton
Contact Email: dwmelton@eiu.edu
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