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The Master of Sciences in Biochemistry and Biotechnology (BCT) program is an advanced interdisciplinary program between the Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and Business for students interested in a graduate degree in Biochemistry and Biotechnology. Students will gain skill sets to improve products and services through molecular, chemical, biological and analytical techniques while also being trained in the fundamental business strategies to succeed in the fast paced field of biotechnology and medical services.

Students that complete BCT program will (1) demonstrate an understanding of fundamental principles and applications of laboratory techniques and instrumentation, (2) be able to critically analyze a breadth of biochemical problems and experimental results, (3) be familiar with computer applications in biochemistry and biotechnology, (4) be able to properly utilize chemical information sources, (5) be able to apply the scientific method of investigation, and (6) be able to communicate technical material effectively in speaking & writing.

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Biochemistry/Biotechnology, 3054 Life Science Bldg
Contact Name: Dr. Tom Canam
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