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Whether you are considering a career in foreign languages, desire a well-rounded education, or simply enjoy languages and plan to travel for pleasure in the future, Eastern's Department of Foreign Languages can help you develop skills and knowledge to meet your goals.

Benefits of Foreign Language study include: Development of analytical and critical thinking skills; Enhancement of communication skills, which also transfer to your native language; Broadening of your knowledge of the culture of more than one foreign country; Preparation for graduate work in Foreign Languages or another area; Improvement of career opportunities by combining a major or minor in Foreign Languages with a major or minor in business, English, journalism, health care, education, government, etc.; Gaining a unique perspective from which to view your own culture.


Spanish, German, French, Teacher Licensure

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Typical Starting Positions

A strong background in foreign language studies can lead to varied and interesting career opportunities in fields such as business, government or education. A major in foreign languages can be a stepping-stone to language-centered jobs such as interpreter, translator or teacher, as well as a complement for jobs in which foreign language skills are valuable.

Knowing a language other than English is also an asset for a wide range of jobs that do not require any specific major. Foreign language-related careers are interesting and varied, and include the following: Foreign language teaching, translation/interpretation, business jobs (bilingual assistant or international sales representative, for example), tourism (hotel chains, airlines, travel agencies), social work, communications personnel (radio/television, journalism, advertising), library sciences, publishing, health care, and government jobs.

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