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The marketing minor offers a broad course of study in the field of marketing applicable to all interested majors. Marketing activities are found in all organizations and the discipline provides students with the ability to apply the knowledge and skills gained from their major with the realities of consumer and business markets. Marketing minor students gain skills that prepare them for both consumer and business interactions.

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Alexander Briggs Memorial Award
AMA World Color Press Outstanding Junior Award
American Marketing Association Achievement Award
American Marketing Association Award
Bert and Janet Holley Scholarship
Beta Gamma Sigma Scholarship
Building Aspirations Towards Positivity Annual Scholarship
Business and Education Scholarship
C. Roger Sorensen Business Scholarship
Charles Gifford Manion Memorial Scholarship
Cindra Ward Stiff Professional Business Scholarship
Clay/Richland Scholarship
Cooley Family Scholarship
Dean Giffin Award
Don & Mary (Hartke) Gher Scholarship
Donald L. and Clara Alice Seaman Shawver Scholarship
Grace T. Bair Business Scholarship
Habeeb Family Scholarship for Business Students
J.W. and Marilyn Oglesby Scholarship
Jack K. & Marge Hatfield Scholarship
Jeffrey G. and Lila M. Scott Scholarship
Jim & June Giffin Scholarship
John & Katharine England Currey Sch
John and Mary Kensil Delta Chi Scholarship
John Luther Business Scholarship
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Marketing, Lumpkin Hall 4025
Contact Name: Dr. David Boggs
Contact Email: Dr. David Boggs