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The Master of Science in Sustainable Energy prepares leaders and managers for the entire energy industry. This multi-disciplinary degree is science based and technology management focused.

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Leaders and managers in the energy industry

Research Opportunities

­Students enrolled in CERE 5953 Sustainable Energy Research work on energy-related research under the guidance of a faculty until the end of the program.

Professional Development Opportunities

Graduate Assistant Opportunities

­If you are interested in a graduate assistantship, you also need to submit a graduate assistantship application. Graduate assistantships are typically awarded in accordance with the academic year. Assistantship applications are normally accepted through the middle of February; a decision for the next academic year comes within a month of the submission deadline.

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Faculty Research Interests

Renewable Energy, Materials Recycling, Failure Analysis, Biomedical Materials and Devices, Enterprise Computer Systems, Database Development (Dr. Liu); Mobile Wireless Networks: scalable and efficient routing, performance evaluation, and system optimization, Network Security and Database Technologies, Quality management, statistical process control, Green Computing and Sustainable Technologies, Computer Integrated Manufacturing. (Dr. Bai); Using plants for bioenergy and bioproduct applications,. using biotechnologyto tailor plant traits for specific applications, such as bioethanol production, using bacteria and fungi as pretreatment agents of agricultural residues destined for biomass-to-bioenergy processes, such as gasification. (Dr. Canam); Migration ecology, wildlife responses to bioenergy crops, wildlife-habitat associations in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, and evaluation and application of acoustic recording systems for monitoring wildlife. (Dr. Deppe)

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