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To prepare graduates for the diverse roles they will be asked to play in Special Education. The Special Education graduate program prepares professionals for advance practice in education, including as behavior intervention specialists, curriculum adaptation specialist, and director of special education.


Curriculum Adaptation Specialist, Behavior Interventionist Specialist

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Typical Starting Positions

Curriculum Coordinator, Behavior Intervention Specialist, Technical Assistant, Supervisor in Special Education, and Curriculum Adaptation Specialist

Well Known Companies that Hire EIU Graduates

School districts (large and small) across the State of Illinois and hospitals, agencies, group homes, residential facilities, and institutions for individuals with exceptionalities

Notable Graduates

Personnel who enhance the lives of learners with exceptionalities in Illinois and across the United States.

Research Opportunities

Candidates for graduate degrees may choose areas of particularly interest to them and consistent with their professional goals. Candidates seeking the LBSII level of certification will focus research on the area consistent with the LBSII being earned: Curriculum Adaptation or Behavior Interventions.

Student Professional Organizations

Student Council for Exceptional Children, Sigma Rho Epsilon Honorary Fraternity (by invitation only)

Professional Development Opportunities

The varied topics offered as Spe 5133 topic courses are designed to address timely evolving concepts and evidence based practices in special education. These courses provide educators with rich opportunities for professional development.

Graduate Assistant Opportunities


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Faculty Research Interests

Faculty have varied research agendas. Often their research is related to the topics classes they teach (Spe 5133). Curriculum adaptations, positive behavioral supports, performance assessments, measurements of student learning are each areas that one or more faculty in the department includes on their research agendas.

Faculty Honors & Awards

Kathlene S. Shank, Professor and Chair-Harry C. Selznick Distinguished Special Education Service Award, Council of Administrators of Special Education, Council for Exceptional Children and the Larry Vuillemot Leadership Award, Illinois Alliance of Administrators of Special Education. Rebecca J. Cook, Profesor- Distinguished Teacher Educator Award, Illinois Teacher Education Division and Ronald Gholson Outstanding Service Award, Eastern Illinois University. Christy M. Hooser, Professor- Ronald Gholson Outstanding Service Award, Eastern Illinois University.

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