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The graduate program in Technology prepares students to become successful leaders in today's technological and global environment. The program is designed to provide students with opportunities for developing advanced professional, technical and personal competencies in the field of technology. It enables students to identify, develop and implement quality strategies and practices in contemporary organizations.

Additionally, students enhance their research and communication skills necessary for technological leadership. They also gain an appreciation of ethical and social implications of technology related to a global and technological society.

Graduate Certificates

Computer Technology, Quality Systems, Technology Security, Work Performance Improvement


Career and Technical Education , Computer Technology, Resource Management Technology, Technology Management, Training and Development

Hours Required


Course Catalog Listing

Typical Starting Positions

Production Manager, Manufacturing Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Quality Manager/Director, Industrial Designer, Plant Manager, Employment Manager, Program Development Coordinator, Training Coordinator/Director, Training Consultant/Specialist, Human Resources Manager, Career and Technology Education Teacher, School Librarian, Technology Director/Coordinator

Well Known Companies that Hire EIU Graduates

Boeing, Caterpillar, Ingersoll-Rand, Agri-Fab, Carle Hospital, Amdocs, University of Illinois

Research Opportunities

Network, Database, Security, Biometrics, Face Recognition, Training System Development, Career Education

Professional Development Opportunities

Graduate Assistant Opportunities

Teaching or Research Assistants: ­ If you are interested in a graduate assistantship, you also need to submit a graduate assistantship application. Graduate assistantships are typically awarded in accordance with the academic year. Assistantship applications are normally accepted through the middle of February; a decision for the next academic year comes within a month of the submission deadline.

Faculty Listing

Technology, Klehm Hall 1335
Contact Name: Dr. David Melton, Graduate Coordinator
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