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The Historical Administration Program is currently on hiatus. We are not accepting applications to the Program.
The master's program in Historical Administration introduces students to the problems, philosophy, ethics and techniques of preserving, interpreting and administering the American heritage. The structured Historical Administration curriculum combines the research orientation of a traditional cultural history program with an interdisciplinary approach to American material culture and includes a variety of hands-on experiences. The on-campus year is followed by a six-month internship in an established institution.

Established in 1975, the Historical Administration Program has a strong network of alumni working in cultural institutions of all sorts throughout the United States and abroad.

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Graduate Degree Opportunities After Graduation

Historical Administration

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Typical Starting Positions

Museum Curator
Museum Registrar
Collections Manager
Museum Educator
Museum Director
Museum Exhibits, archives

Well Known Companies that Hire EIU Graduates

National Museum of the American Indian, State Farm Insurance Company Archives, Anheuser-Busch Archives, Museum of Northern Arizona, Indiana State Museum and State Historic Sites, R. R. McCormick Museum, Missouri State Museum, Oriental Institute of Chicago, National Archives and Records Administration, Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, Deere and Co. Archives, Northern Kentucky University, Kansas State Historical Society ( for more complete list go to http://www.eiu.edu/ha/alumninthefield.php )

Notable Graduates

For HA notables please go to http://www.eiu.edu/ha/alumhonors.php

Study Abroad Opportunities

Student Professional Organizations

Historical Administration Program Association (alumni support group) http://www.eiu.edu/ha/hapa.php

Professional Development Opportunities

Historia, annual History Department journal, edited by students (http://www.eiu.edu/historia/ ); Historical Administration Program Association Annual Symposium, HAPpenings (HAPA newsletter), annual fall and spring study trips to museums and cultural institutions in the region, annual projects including student exhibit

Graduate Assistant Opportunities

Please consult with program coordinator regarding current Graduate Assistant Opportunities. For several years we have been able to offer an assistantship to each admitted student.

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Faculty Research Interests

Historical Administration faculty research interests include 19th-century American intellectual and cultural history, public history, vernacular architecture, history of archaeology, historic preservation, museum studies

Media Links

Historia online: http://www.eiu.edu/historia/ ; News of Interest: http://eiuhistory.wordpress.com/

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News of Interest: http://eiuhistory.wordpress.com/

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