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Students preparing for a career in many of the medical professions (e.g. Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, and Optometry) should obtain a baccalaureate degree before attending the professional school. Professional schools do not require specific academic majors from their applicants; therefore, students may choose an area of particular interest as an undergraduate.

Most students prepare for entrance to medical schools by majoring in Biological Sciences or Chemistry, but medical schools also look for a well-rounded background in humanities and social sciences. Pre-medicine may be listed as a "second major," but this is meant to allow identification of your interest in the career. Advisors for each of these programs are available to aid students in their choices of academic major, course selections, and applications to professional schools.

Application to medical schools is made through a centralized application service (AMCAS) as early as the summer between the junior and senior years. Acceptance into medical school is very competitive and is based on grade point average, MCAT scores, and experience. Eastern Illinois University has an excellent relationship with professional schools in Illinois and surrounding states, and students consistently rank among the top graduates of these programs.

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