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It is undeniable that religion is one of the major forces shaping human history and civilization. The Religious Studies minor offers students an opportunity to explore this significant area of human culture from a broad, interdisciplinary perspective.

This minor draws upon six disciplines to address religious issues from varying perspectives. The program makes substantial contributions to the intellectual development of students and contributes to the university's mission of expanding tolerance of diversity and helping students become responsible citizens in a world marked by increasing global and international connections.

The Religious Studies minor is particularly relevant for students interested in international studies in Political Science and Economics, majors in History, English, and Philosophy, and for those considering seminary after graduation. Double-counting of coursework in concert with students' majors and other minors is permitted by the minor in Religious Studies. Courses in the proposed curriculum either have no prerequisites or may be entered by permission of the instructor, except ENG courses which required ENG 1001G and/or 1002G or equivalent.

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2006 Dannie Otto - National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar in Vienna, "Melting Pot Vienna" 2015 Dannie Otto - National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Scholars Award, Grenada, Spain, "The Alhambra and Spain's Islamic Past"

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