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The Africana Studies program at Eastern Illinois University provides a comprehensive examination of the experiences of peoples of African descent throughout the world. The vision of the Africana Studies program is to develop and impart an understanding of the experiences, history, and achievements of peoples of African descent. Encompassing both a major and a minor, the program also encourages students to participate in its study abroad program each summer.


History and Culture, Fine Arts (Art, Music, Theatre and Dance), Literature, Politics and International Development, Gender

Graduate Degree Opportunities After Graduation

African American, African, Africana, art, law, literature, music, computer sciences, history, international relations, political science, sociology, education, music, speech, communications, film, philosophy, business administration, public health, social work.

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Typical Starting Positions

Teaching at Elementary, Secondary and Tertiary Levels; Social Services; Human Resources; Diversity Officers; Public Relations; Personnel Officers; Policy Analysts; Counseling; Higher Education Support Services; Insurance; Real Estate; Customer Relations; Management; Small Business; Health Care; Consulting in Urban Studies; Library Sciences; International Relations; Military Sciences; Family and Consumer Sciences; Public Administration

Study Abroad Opportunities

Short-term study abroad opportunities occur every odd-numbered year. Trips last four weeks (mid-May to mid-June). Destinations include Johannesburg, Soweto, Kruger National Park, and primarily Cape Town in South Africa.

Research Opportunities

With permission of the program coordinator, students may enroll in AFR 4400: Independent Study or AFR 4275: Internship in order to pursue directed research.

Student Professional Organizations

Black Student Union, African American Heritage Month, National Council of Black Studies, Association of Black Cultural Centers

Faculty Listing

Africana Studies, Blair Hall 3165
Contact Name: Dr. James Ochwa-Echel
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