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Are you interested in managing money and other resources? Do you like to work with numbers and with people? Are you analytical and a creative thinker? Then you should consider a major and career in finance, the area of business that studies how individuals, businesses, and other organizations allocate and use financial and other resources.

You can prepare for a career as a finance professional by majoring in finance, one of five business majors offered by Eastern Illinois University?s School of Business. The School of Business is student-centered and fosters relationship-driven learning between students and faculty. Finance students in the School of Business can reach their potential through a variety of learning experiences both in and out of the classroom. All finance and business classes are taught by faculty members ? not graduate students ? using collaborative and project based learning as well as more traditional teaching methods.

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Finance professionals - who analyze and interpret data to determine how to allocate resources - include: Financial planners who help individuals manage and invest their finances so they can achieve their life goals.; Corporate managers who allocate the firm?s resources to support marketing and the production of goods and services and to help the firm meets its objectives; Commercial bankers such as bank managers, loan officers, mortgage bankers, or trust officers; Investment bankers who help businesses and other organizations raise capital and expand through mergers and acquisitions; Analysts who evaluate securities, real estate and other investment options.

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