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Philosophers are notoriously curious. The Department of Philosophy at EIU invites students to investigate some of life's most meaningful questions: Does God exist? What is the difference between the mind and the brain? Are our actions free or determined? Why should I be moral?

The diversity of our faculty allows us to offer courses in many areas, including both Western and non-Western approaches. Here, students are encouraged to think creatively and critically, to challenge the views of others, and to defend their own views against a thoughtful opponent. Philosophy majors are thus well-prepared for careers that require excellent speaking and writing ability, and proficiency in problem-solving, decision-making, and communication. We offer minors in both Philosophy and Religious Studies, and we participate in several interdisciplinary minors including: Pre-Law, Criminology, Medieval Studies, Neuroscience, and Asian Studies.

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Typical Starting Positions

Students graduating with an undergraduate degree in Philosophy are well-suited for graduate school in Philosophy, law school, and other professions in areas such as journalism, business, and computers.

Philosophers, rather than being taught a specific skill, are globally acknowledged as educated individuals capable of careful analysis, persuasive argumentation, and articulate and expressive writing. The jewel of a liberal arts education, a degree in philosophy encourages lifetime learning; it represents a sincere commitment to understand the world in which we live and our unique situation in it.

Notable Graduates

Mr. Ron Dulin, MBA, Dr. Grant Sterling, PhD, Dr. Andrea Veltman, PhD, Dr. Steve Bein, PhD, Dr. Daniel Gerling, PhD, Ms. Ericka Bree Pavey, JD, Mr. Brendan Lynch, JD, Mr. Clay Patterson, JD, Ms. Jenna Smith, JD, Mr. Justin Perry, JD, Mr. Robert Larson, JD, Mr. Erick Hockenberry, MA, Mr. Ryan McDaniel, MA, Mr. Michael Kleen, MA, Ms. Jackie Muhs, MA, Kevin Taylor, MA, Ms. Susan Haiduk, Mr. Vern Cisney

Study Abroad Opportunities

The Good Life - Italy

Research Opportunities

Honors Thesis Independent Study Our students regularly participate in NCUR (National Conference on Undergraduate Research) and apply for URSCA Grants (Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities)

Student Professional Organizations

Philosophy Club - an undergraduate student organization that meets regularly to share ideas, sponsor speakers, and engage in spirited philosophical debate.
Phi Sigma Tau - International Philosophy Honor Society.
Symposium, a student-run EIU Department of Philosophy journal.

Faculty Listing

Faculty Research Interests

Epistemology, Continental Philosophy, Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Eastern Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Food

Faculty Honors & Awards

Achievement and Contribution Awards in Teaching, Service, and Balanced Categories
Philosophy Department Award for Integrative Learning - 2011
Several Redden Fund Awards (grants) for undergraduate teaching
Faculty Development Grant Awarded 2011

Philosophy, Coleman Hall 3542
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