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Suggested Activities for Departmental Mentors/Mentees

Mentors and mentees arrange formal and informal, one-on-one, or small-group meetings to afford the students the opportunity to connect with a faculty member in their field of study. This could provide an opportunity for mentors to:

  • Discuss departmental programs and events.
  • Inform mentees about research and scholarship opportunities.
  • Direct mentees to tutoring and academic support services.
  • Explain employment tracks and opportunities available to students.
  • Encourage mentees to air their fears or misconceptions about math and science courses or programs.
  • Assist the students in becoming involved in RSO in the department, assisting in a lab or participating in a research project, take them to professional meetings.
  • Organize social events - host the student at the mentor’s home for dinner or take the student out to dinner (with other students if that is more comfortable).
  • Commit to a minimum number of contacts each semester…say one every two weeks.