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Continuing and Future Work

  • Advisory board to continue to arrange meetings/receptions of all mentors and mentees, to create an opportunity for all mentors and mentees in the department to interact and share/discuss concerns of common interest, and to seek suggestions or guidance. This could be expanded to include not only academic guidance but also social activities such as participation in music, theater, bowling, dinner, or athletic events on campus.
  • Work with Admissions, Minority Affairs, Trio, Honors College, and COS math and science departments to plan the incorporation of math and science materials into recruitment folders, and for dissemination at recruitment visits.
  • Collaborate with WISM to apply for a HECA grant or other funding to create a formal mentoring program.
  • Create an assessment instrument for monitoring the effectiveness of the mentoring program in departments.
  • Explore the possibility for registering mentees as a cohort or posse for mutual encouragement, and to avoid culture-shock in predominantly white classes.