The Cafe'

Integrative Learning that’s Filling!

What began as an underutilized storage area has now been renovated into a unique learning space for Eastern students, with some tasty benefits for faculty and staff! 

The Café, which opened in the fall, 2012, is serving as an exciting catalyst for the advancement of integrative learning. Family and Consumer Sciences students are benefiting from hands-on learning as they lead the operational planning, management and marketing activities of a daily café. In this way, students are expanding their learning beyond the classroom, preparing themselves for the real-world challenges of careers in food service and hospitality.

As with Pantera, our student led restaurant, The Café is a vital, career enhancing learning environment. At the same time, faculty and staff are able to enjoy a unique dining experience.

Click on the photos below to take a look at The Café as construction progressed. Each link showcases a scrolling selection of photos with the text detailing some basic information about each of the three primary spaces within The Café.

Dining Room

The main dining room is decorated in a contemporary style with table and chair seating. Media equipment and a viewing screen allows for The Café to be used as a classroom or for the hosting of meetings and small groups. 



Dry Storage Room

Ample storage room was created by including a modest expansion to the dry storage room already attached to the FCS Commercial Kitchen.  An existing exterior window was modified to include frosted glass which allows for enhanced lighting and a larger sense of space in the limited quarters.