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Bills with descriptions in gray failed to pass out of the General Assembly during the regular Spring Session. That said - no bill/idea is ever dead.
Legislative Affairs staff work not only to help pass favorable legislation but also (more often) to block or amend unfavorable legislation.

House Bills

HB 105 - Currie - Minimum Wage referendum and election code changes for universities. Passed both chambers.

HB 2747 - Crespo - Grants Management Bill. Provides for increased state oversight of grants coming through or from state government. Passed both chambers.

HB 3360 - Tryon - Sets universal per credit hour tuition rate for all Illinois public universities.

HB 3640 - Cross - Establishes a new income tax credit for an individual provider of student financial aid (other than the student).

HB 3653 - Flowers - Establishes an interest-free loan program available to any Illinois resident who wishes to pursue studies at a public institution of higher education in Illinois but has insufficient funds to do so.

HB 3669 - Conroy - Amends the concealed carry law such that anyone convicted of knowingly and unlawfully bringing a concealed weapon into a gun-free zone of a school (pre-K through university-level) is guilty of a class 4 felony. Levels escalate for subsequent offenses.

HB 3683 - Sandack - Removes a procurement exemption currently granted to intergovernmental contracts in excess of $250,000.

HB 3718 - Turner - Increases the minimum wage to $9.25 per hour on October 1, 2014, $10 per hour on July 1, 2015, and $10.65 per hour on July 1, 2016. 

HB 3732 - Flowers - Increases the minimum wage to $15 per hour on October 1, 2014. 

HB 3760 - Franks - Requires pension offsets for re-employed annuitants receiving annuities in excess of $2,000 per month.

HB 3769 - Thapedi - Prohibits pension fund investments in off or non-open markets.

HB 3814 - Madigan - Minimum wage referendum. Passed both chambers.

HB 3944 - Jakobsson - Permits boards of trustees of public universities to build in up to 10% of total costs in any new construction requests for purposes of setting up deferred maintenance funds to be managed by the campuses. Passed the House 92-8.

HB 3947 - Fine - Establishes a pilot program similar to Pay it Forward but focused only on STEM majors. 100 students from public universities and 100 students from communities colleges would be the cohort. It would work as a scholarship/grant. (See HA #1)

HB 3961 - Lang - Trailer bill to campus smoking ban. Permits smoking in parked cars (cars traveling through were already permitted) as long as they are privately-owned vehicles. Passed both chambers.

HB 4090 - Jakobsson - Makes it unlawful to use an academic degree issued under false pretenses to obtain employment, admission, or promotion. Passed both chambers.

HB 4187 - Kay - Requires the General Assembly to approve any contracts of any State agencies in excess of $250,000.

HB 4205 - Moeller - Requires the post-bid notice required include the number of unsuccessful bidders (rather than currently the number of unsuccessful responsive bidders). Passed both chambers.

HB 4218 - Jakobsson - Currently, vouchers require the signature of the university president, the secretary of the board of trustees and the official seal of the university. This bill would require just the signature of the university president.

HB 4257 - Chapa LaVia - Would require all state universities to accept a score of 3 or higher on an AP exam as a course equivalent and would require universal standards among all state universities as to what those equivalencies would be.

HB 4268 - Ives - Requires any labor agreement, governed by the Illinois Labor Relations Board or the Illinois Education Labor Relations Board, that has been agreed to but not yet ratified must be posted on the employer's website for public viewing and then a public hearing on the matter must be held within 14 days of the agreement (prior to ratification).

HB 4272 - Gabel - Extends 12 weeks unpaid FLMA leave rights to grandparents.

HB 4284 - Jakobsson - Changes method of determining residency for purposes of the student trustee position at U of I. Passed both chambers.

HB 4336 - Jakobsson - Changes all references of GED to "high school equivalency exam." Passed both chambers.

HB 4359 - Crespo - Increases the % of state appropriated funds for public universities that goes through the performance funding metric (from 0.5% to not less than 1.0%).

HB 4430 - Sandack - Removes exemption from certain procurement laws for intergovernmental contracts in excess of $250,000.

HB 4437 – Halbrook – Requires continuous posting of a notice prior to a mtg and removes current exceptions for issues generally beyond the control of the poster.

HB 4438 – Halbrook – Requires a body subject to Open Mtgs Act to provide responses to any requests made during an open meeting, in writing, at the next meeting. 

HB 4559 - Smith - Requires all public institutions of higher learning to publicly disclose the country of final assembly for all athletic wear and gear purchased by the institution.

HB 4652 - Feigenholtz - Increases number of DCFS scholarships/tuition waivers to be awarded. Passed both chambers.

HB 5323 - Franks - Calls upon the Illinois Student Assistance Commission to conduct a study into the Pay it Forward zero-tuition model to see if such a model could work in Illinois. Passed both chambers.

HB 5385 - Arroyo - Repeals/eliminates the public university employee dependent partial tuition waiver benefit going forward.

HB 5491 - Currie - Various changes to Procurement Code including changes favorable for IPHEC, a purchasing consortium to which EIU belongs. Passed both chambers.

HB 5679 - Hammond - Removes a reporting requirement that was duplicated elsewhere in statute and was prompting audit findings for many universities. Passed both chambers.

HB 5833 - Anthony - Freezes tuition for STEM majors based on the entering freshman tuition rate in 2014/15 and through 2017/18 (which would then be locked in for 6 years due to truth-in-tuition so it would actually be frozen until 2020/21 for the final year's cohort).

HB 6094 - Madigan - Higher Education budget bill FY 2015. Equivalent of a quarter of a percent cut over past year for all public universities. Passed both chambers.


Senate Bills

SB 68 - Lightford - Increases minimum wage from $8.25 to $10.65 over 3 years. Passed out of committe in Senate but remains in Senate. Deadline extended to May 31, 2014.

SB 220 - FY 2015 Budget Implementation Act. Passed both chambers.

SB 2202- Link - Smoke Free Campus Act requires all public university campuses be completely smoke-free (including outdoor spaces). Passed both chambers.

EIU will be entirely smoke-free (indoors and out as well as university owned vehicles), by law, July 1, 2015.

SB 2699 - Delgado - Would require all state universities to accept a score of 3 or higher on an AP exam as a course equivalent and would require universal standards among all state universities as to what those equivalencies would be.

SB 2765 - Righter - Extends EIU's Panther Promise tuition discount program targeted at middle-income students. Passed both chambers.

SB 2846 - Allows unaccredited religious institutions/schools to award "degrees" (currently they must call their completion certificates somethign other than degrees such as diplomas or certificates).

SB 2950 - Righter -  Increases the % of public universities' appropriated funds being put through the performance funding metric from 0.5% to 5.0% over 5 years. 

SB 2989 - Delgado - Provides for an alternative path to licensure for school pyschologists. Passed both chambers.

SB 3306 - Rose - Provides a set-aside within MAP Grant for dislocated workers for the FY 15 and FY 16 budget years. Passed both chambers.

SB 3406 - Biss - Adds an accrediting agency for clinical psychologist qualifications. Passed both chambers.

SB 3441 - McGuire - Permits the IBHE to opt into a federally-initiated reciprocity agreement for distance learning. Allows schools in Illinois to choose to opt-in or not once the State has opted in. Passed both chambers.

SB 3451 – Frerichs – Establishes a Pay it Forward, Pay it Back pilot program at one public university in Illinois as designated by the IBHE. 

SB 3452 – Frerichs – Establishes a Pay it Forward, Pay it Back pilot program at one or more public institutions and allows the program to vary by institution. 

SB 3553 - Extends authorization for public universities to use Certificates of Participation as a financing tool. Passed Senate. Remains in House.