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Projects In Need

The need to raise private funds for the Lumpkin College of Business and Applied Sciences is extremely important for the high level of excellence in instruction to continue. The need becomes even greater with diminishing state resources, student demand for expanded programs, and the need to meet industry standards.

In the Lumpkin College of Business and Applied Sciences, state-appropriated funds provide for basic operational needs. Private financial support enhances and expands programs in each area and helps to maintain a level of excellence in education that prepares students for tomorrow's opportunities.

The vision for instruction in LCBAS is firmly based on a theory-practice model of education. Simply put,

  • A theory-practice model of education focuses on learning through conceptualization and application.
  • A theory-practice model uses "real world" examples and "hands on" experiences to develop the skills and knowledge our students need when they enter the workplace.
  • A theory-practice model integrates experience and professionalism into the academic curriculum. 


Find out about our exciting projects that fulfill our vision of a theory-practice model by visiting each school's list of needs.