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School of Family & Consumer Sciences

Need:  Donor Wall

The School of Family and Consumer Sciences wishes to acknowledge distinguished contributors who have been essential to the success of our School. To honor the contributors, a location outside of KH 1418 and across from the Café has been designated for such a showcase. Space renovation and enhanced technology would be required. Proposed immediate need: $25,000

Need: Child Development Laboratory

The maintenance and upkeep of the child development laboratory is necessary to ensure that faculty and students have the proper facilities, technology, and other related instructional items in place to provide an environment conducive to learning. Currently, the lab is in need of updated playground equipment. The proposed immediate need is $25,000 and a 50,000 endowment fund for maintenance and upkeep of the laboratory.

Need:  Student Scholarships

To attract academically strong undergraduate and graduate students, scholarships provide an incentive for prospective students to choose the School of Family and Consumer Sciences at EIU. These scholarships allow our students to graduate with a reduced debt load. The School takes pride in a popular Scholarship/Awards Ceremony held each fall to recognize the student recipients as well as the donors. Proposed endowment: $25,000 

Need:  Emerging Educator Initiative

It is critical for FCS faculty members to attend professional conferences to stay abreast of cutting edge developments and research in our ever changing discipline as well as to network with professionals in the field. The School prides itself in the primary mission of teaching to prepare students with the most up-to-date information that can be gained by attending professional conferences. Faculty return to campus reenergized and excited to share their knowledge and experiences in the classroom. Proposed endowment: $500,000

Need:  Student Professional Development Initiative

Research at both the graduate and undergraduate levels is a top priority of the university and therefore requires additional resources. Examples of how these resources may be used: to support professional speakers to come to campus, send students to professional conferences, provide funding necessary to prepare for oral and/or poster presentations, and to cover fees for certification and examinations required for specialized licensure. Proposed endowment: $500,000

Need: Literacy in Financial Education

The mission of the Literacy in Financial Education Center is to change student knowledge and behaviors related to money management by providing financial education through various tools and resources. The goal of the Center is to encourage students to practice responsible financial behaviors and graduate with a lower debt level by developing strategies to reduce their discretionary spending. Funding for the Center, which supports one graduate assistant, is made possible with a grant from TIAA-Cref and the Council of Graduate Studies that ends in 2016. The popularity of the services of the Center has significantly increased the workload of the current graduate assistant. A proposed endowment need is $1,000,000 to support two graduate assistants and provide paid internships for five undergraduate students enrolled in the Financial Literacy Concentration in the School of Family and Consumer Sciences. 

Need:  Endowed Professorship

The School of Family and Consumer Sciences is proud to support Pantera and the Café. To take this experience to the next level, support is being sought to fund a professional chef who can bring unique qualifications and a specialized area of expertise to our program. This professorship would attract students to the hospitality management concentration and would generate publicity to both the on campus and local communities. Proposed endowment:  $2,000,000.