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About Network Services 

The Network Services Department at Eastern Illinois University, along with maintaining the campus network and infrastructure, is dedicated to helping make the network work for you. We want everyone who uses Eastern's high-speed network to understand what the network does and how to better utilize the services the Network Services group provides to end users.

The primary mission of the Network Services group is to devise a campus-wide networking strategy, and advance that strategy by implementing proven technologies which delivers a reliable, high bandwidth, state of the art networking infrastructure. Included in this mission is the ongoing management of the networking infrastructure, and through proactive monitoring, providing high reliability and availability to our remote campus users.

What Is SafeConnect?

SafeConnect provides you a more secure computing environment when you connect to the EIU network.

In order to gain access to the EIU network, you will be required to keep your computer’s operating system up-to-date. In addition, SafeConnect will check your computer to make sure it is running an approved and properly updated anti-virus program. Computers that do not meet these predefined requirements will be placed on a "quarantined" segment of the network where users will be provided with instructions and tools to update their system to the minimum required configuration.

For more details about how to configure your computer with SafeConnect, visit the Installing SafeConnect Self-Help article. If you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to give our Help Desk a call at 217-581-4357. 

Cisco AnyConnect

The Network Services group works closely with the other departments at EIU to provide secure connections for contractors and companies hired to setup, configure, and troubleshoot systems and applications. The Network Services group uses Cisco AnyConnect to provide this secure connection. To install and setup Cisco AnyConnect please follow the documentation provided.

AnyConnect Setup and Configuration


This test gives us data concerning your current connect to our main router. This will let us know what your connection speed is on our network and helps us troubleshoot whether it is a networking issue or a problem with an external service or site.

IP Address=
Speedtest.net Mini requires at least version 8 of Flash. Please update your client.