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o365 small image  EIU Office 365 for Students

EIU is in the process of implementing Office 365 EMail service for student email.  The project has been released from pilot stage to migration stage, as of April 1, 2014.  Over the course of the next 6 - 8 weeks, IT staff and other campus representatives will be publicizing information to students about the migration timeframe and expectations.  This page will serve as the core source of this information.  Check back here for migration time frames and demo schedules.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 at EIU will be the email service provided to our students beginning May 14. Many of the capabilities provided in Office 365 are currently available in PantherMail as you know it today. This includes:

  • Email
  • Contacts/Address Book
  • Calendar
  • ...and more!

In addition to the above features, Office 365 will provide students with a copy of Office Pro Plus and Office Online for use as long as you remain enrolled as a student at EIU.  In addition to the Office features, students will be provided with 50GB of email storage and 25GB of OneDrive storage.

When will this move take place?

Beginning on May 14, 2014, ITS will migrate active student mailboxes to Office 365 in a scheduled fashion. The below schedule should give an idea of when accounts will be moved. Approximately 2000 accounts will be moved each day.  Rather than post specific NetID's, we're posting a range with the first three letters of NetID's.  Two days prior to migrating, an email will go out to the corresponding group to make them aware.  For example, the group in aaa-anr will receive a reminder email on May 12, 2014

The complete schedule is below:

  • May 14 - NetID's starting with aaa - anr
  • May 15 - NetID's starting with anr - cbm
  • May 16 - NetID's starting with cbm - djh
  • May 17 - NetID's starting with djh - gjj
  • May 18 - NetID's starting with gjj - jlb
  • May 19 - NetID's starting with jlb - kef
  • May 20 - NetID's starting with kef - lmh
  • May 21 - NetID's starting with lmh - mmu
  • May 22 - NetID's starting with mmu - rdn
  • May 23 - NetID's starting with rdn - sna
  • May 24 - NetID's starting with sna - zzu

All new student email accounts are now being created in Office 365.  Additionally, the Office Pro Plus software is available on our Software Download Page.

 What will be moved to Office 365? 

Information Technology Services (ITS) will move your email and individual contacts to Office 365. If you utilize Calendars, Task Lists, Briefcase or have contact groups in PantherMail, we are unable to automatically transfer them. We will, however, provide instructions for exporting your Calendar and Briefcase information.

What if I want to get my email on my phone or tablet?

Many students have a phone or tablet device setup to receive PantherMail. After migrating to Office 365, you will need to reconfigure your email setup on your device. To do so, you will need to remove the setup you currently have for PantherMail (if you have it setup already) and then add Office 365. Below are the basic settings you will need for our recommended setup using ActiveSync:

  • Type of Account : Exchange or Corporate
  • Server : outlook.office365.com
  • Username and Domain - Your phone might ask this in 1 field or 2 fields
    • If it is 1 field
      • Domain\Username : your email address (student@eiu.edu)
    • If it is in 2 fields
      • Username : your email address (student@eiu.edu)
      • Domain : leave blank
  • Email Password : your password (EIU1sAw3some!)
  • Use SSL : Yes

You might receive a warning about Remote Security Administration. This is a normal warning to alert you that your email, calendar, and contact information will be managed through this service.

If, instead, you prefer to use POP or IMAP for setting up your email, you can find additional device specific instructions here.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've taken feedback from our pilot group and added some of their frequent questions here.  Click the titles below to expand or hide the answers for each item.  After the migration is complete, we'll move the more regular faq's to our self-help site here.

What do I need to do?

Will I still be able to log into the old PantherMail interface?

Will I get to keep Office 365 email and Pro Plus after I graduate?

What browsers work with Office 365?

Will I need to go to a different page to login?

How do I get my calendar information brought in?

How do I get Office Pro Plus?

How much email storage do I get with Office 365?

Should I be concerned about the security or privacy of my email in Office 365, stored in the cloud?