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What do I do if the LockDownBrowser Freezes?

Run LockDownBrowser twice if it freezes A freeze may be caused by some information popup appearing "underneath" the browser where a student is unable to click [ok]. LockDown Browser will attempt to move up known messages like Java applet warnings so they become visible but this might not always succeed. Some messages only appear once so running again could get the browser past the freezing point. LockDown Browser shares its applets, viewers, and security certificates with Internet Explorer, so some freezes can be resolved by making sure you select “Yes” to trust a certificate.

Running Diagnostics when freezes -if so, Select "Yes" to running Diagnostics. Run the Network Connection Test, use the Copy to Clipboard button, then paste the results into an email or text file. This will also tell you the version of LockDown Browser that is installed to make sure it is up-to-date. If you don't see anything suspicious in the results, Respondus support might be able to discover something from the included process list.