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How do I create a secure password?

1. Choose a password that is easy for you to remember but would be hard for others to guess. Password security, however, does not end with picking a strong password. In order to ensure full password security, you must also take steps to protect your password.

2. Do not share your password. You are responsible for all activities conducted on your account.

3. Do not write your password down. Written passwords are easily stolen.

4. Change your password on occasion. The longer you are using your password, the more likely it is that someone will be able to figure it out.

5. Do not store your password in a program. When your e-mail client or Web browser stores your passwords, it is very easy for a hacker or a computer virus to retrieve them without your knowledge. Strong password rules at Eastern:

Your password must:

  • have at least eight characters
  • not be longer than 15 characters
  • have upper and lower case characters
  • not have more than 12 upper-case letters
  • not have more than 12 lower-case letters
  • have at least one punctuation mark. Valid punctuation marks are limited to !%*-?:
  • have at least three letters
  • begin with a letter
  • have at least one digit
  • have at least one digit not at the beginning and end
  • not be your profile ID or name
  • not contain your profile ID or name
  • not be your profile ID or name with the letters rearranged
  • not repeat an old password
  • not have more than two pairs of repeating characters.