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Praveen Kumar Arekatla
Praveen Kumar Arekatla International Student Ambassador - India
parekatla@eiu.edu | Profile
Osama Bosaid
Osama Bosaid International Student Ambassador - Saudi Arabia
ombosaid@eiu.edu | Profile
Laura Stephani Cohen
Laura Stephani Cohen International Student Ambassador - Colombia
lscohen@eiu.edu | Profile
Vijay Gatpa
Vijay Gatpa International Student Ambassador - India
vgatpa@eiu.edu | Profile
Varun Gupta
Varun Gupta International Student Ambassador - India
vgupta@eiu.edu | Profile
Xueting Sun
Xueting Sun International Student Ambassador - China
xsun2@eiu.edu | Profile
Jineui Ahn International Alumni Ambassador - Japan
chiako.jini@gmail.com | Profile
Tran B. Ngoc
Tran B. Ngoc International Student Ambassador - Vietnam
tbngoc@eiu.edu | Profile
Shahmir Haq
Shahmir Haq International Student Ambassador - Pakistan
shaq@eiu.edu | Profile
Santosh  Kumar
Santosh Kumar International Alumni Ambassador - India
skpulijala@eiu.edu | Profile
Phani   K. Hari
Phani K. Hari International Alumni Ambassador - India
phari@eiu.edu | Profile
Antonis  Ladopoulos
Antonis Ladopoulos International Alumni Ambassador - Greece
antonis@ladopoulos.eu | Profile
Haizhou Li
Haizhou Li International Student Ambassador - China
lihaizhou1111@163.com | Profile
Annemarie Menger International Alumni Ambassador - Germany
amenger@gmx.de | Profile
Claudia  Niessing
Claudia Niessing International Alumni Ambassador - Germany
Claudia.Niessing@yahoo.com | Profile
Eva  Pfanzelter
Eva Pfanzelter International Alumni Ambassador - Italy
eva.pfanzelter@uibk.ac.at | Profile
Paramjit  S. Sidhu
Paramjit S. Sidhu International Alumni Ambassador - India
pjs@jolietoncology.com | Profile
Zhibo Wang
Zhibo Wang International Alumni Ambassador - China
wangzhibo66@126.com | Profile
Sarah Zaman
Sarah Zaman International Alumni Ambassador - Pakistan
sarahzaman17@gmail.com | Profile

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