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International Ambassadors

Are you looking to connect with international students who attend or have attended Eastern Illinois University? If so, the International Ambassador Program is for you!

The International Ambassador Program gives prospective international students the opportunity to:

  • Ask questions about the Eastern Illinois University
  • Receive assistance when arriving at Eastern Illinois University
  • Make friends prior to coming to Eastern Illinois University

If this is something that you are interested in please feel free to contact our International Ambassadors.

International Student Ambassadors Listings

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StaffStudentGraduate AssistantFaculty • • All
Image Name E-mail Title
Metadel Dessalegne Metadel Dessalegnemldessalegne@eiu.eduInternational Student Ambassador - Ethiopia
Shafa Shamim Shafa Shamimsshamim@eiu.eduInternational Student Ambassador - India
Tofayel Ahmmad Tofayel Ahmmadtahmmad@eiu.eduInternational Student Ambassador - Bangladesh
Samuel Alemu Samuel Alemussalemu@eiu.eduInternational Student Ambassador - Ethiopia
Tran Ngoc Tran Ngoctbngoc@eiu.eduInternational Student Ambassador - Vietnam
Abdulrahman Ali Abdulrahman Aliaaali2@eiu.eduInternational Student Ambassador - Saudi Arabia
Jamiu Amusa Jamiu Amusajaamusa@eiu.eduInternational Student Ambassador - Nigeria
Oscar Borda Oscar Bordaomgomezborda@eiu.eduInternational Student Ambassador - Brazil
Shahmir Haq Shahmir Haqshaq@eiu.eduInternational Student Ambassador - Pakistan
Sreekanth Kasthuri Sreekanth Kasthuriskasthuri@eiu.eduInternational Student Ambassador - India
Haizhou Li Haizhou Lilihaizhou1111@163.comInternational Student Ambassador - China
Mayoorey Murugathasan Mayoorey Murugathasanmmurugathasan@eiu.eduInternational Student Ambassador - Sri Lanka
Anurag Nanajipuram Anurag Nanajipuramananajipuram@eiu.eduInternational Student Ambassador - India
Xiao Xiao Xiao Xiaoxxiao@eiu.eduInternational Student Ambassador - China

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