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Dr. Rose Gong College of Education and Professional Studies -7395 rzgong 
Shifa Shamim Association of International Students   sshamim
Dr. Rigoberto Chinchilla Lumpkin College of Business and Applied Sciences  -8534 rchinchilla
Dr. Kesha Coker School of Business  -6202 kcoker
Denise Jimenez  Study Abroad Student Representative   dgjimenez
Dr. Zhiwei Liu College of Sciences -8319 zliu
Dr.Christiane Eydt-Beebe College of Arts and Humanities -5995 ckeydat 
Dr. Daniele Nardi College of Sciences -2127 dnardi
Dr. Catherine Polydore College of Education and Professional Studies  -7237 cpolydore
Dr. Robert Petersen College of Arts and Humanities  -3031 rspetersen
Dr. John Willems Council of Chairs  -6916 jrwillems

revised August 28, 2014

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