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Teresa Maria Linda Scholz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Office: 2030 - Coleman Hall
Phone: 217-581-2016 (messages)
Email: tscholz@eiu.edu

Teresa Maria Linda Scholz, Ph.D.'s Vita

Office Hours Fall 2016
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00 - 10:50 am
Monday, Wednesday 12:45 - 1:45 pm
and by appointment

Frequently Taught Courses

CMN 2040: Argumentation and Critical Thinking
CMN 3100: Persuasion
CMN 3220: Communication Race and Ethnicity
CMN 3260: Communication of Class in U.S. Culture
CMN 4030: Latin/a Human Rights Discourse/s (special topics course taught in Spring of 2012)
CMN 5180: Seminar in Rhetoric


Ph.D., Communication, University of Colorado, Boulder (2007)
M.A., Speech Communication, Colorado State University (1998)
Master's Certification, Women's Studies, Colorado State University (1998)
B.A., Speech Communication, Colorado State University (1996)

Certificate In Mindful Facilitation, Mindful Facilitation Future of Diversity University, Berkeley CA (2015)
*Specialization: Diversity Training and Facilitation

Speakers Bureau

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I position myself as a critical Latina/Latin American transnational feminist scholar in communication studies who theorizes the relationship between discursive and material counterhegemonic practices, and between voice, victimhood, and agency as they emerge from transnational communication systems. In so doing, I draw on critical theories to understand how power functions in social, national, and global spheres to rhetorically construct national, racial, ethnic, gender, and class identities. Subsequently, my research has articulated and explored the connections between rhetorical theory, postcolonial theory, and transnational feminist theory within Latin American contexts. More deeply informing my research is my examination of texts in both Spanish and English to build theoretical constructs that are culturally situated.

Additionally, my theoretical focus in discursive and material counterhegemonic practices is honed into practical application in the social justice education that I do as a Certified Diversity Trainer and Facilitator.

As a Certified Diversity Trainer and Facilitator I work across department, administrative, academic, and programmatic levels to proactively cultivate a campus climate that reflects a culture that understands the nuances of diversity, explores multiple avenues to practice equity, and continously works toward achieving inclusive excellence. In this role, I have presented, developed and facilitated trainings and discussions focused on terminology and communication practices. 


(2016). "'Beyond Roaring Like Lions': Comadrismo, Counternarratives, and the Construction of a Latin American Transnational Subjectivity of Feminism." Communication Theory 26(2): 82-101.

(2012). "Embroidered Discourse/s Break the Silence: The CPR-Sierra of Guatemala (Re)vive Testimonio (pp. 165 - 178)." In Louise Detwiler and Janis Breckenridge (Eds.), Pushing the Boundaries of Latin American Testimony: Meta-morphoses and Migrations. USA: Palgrave Macmillan.

(2011). "Hablando Por (Nos)Otros, Speaking for Ourselves: Exploring the Possibilities of 'Speaking Por' Family and Pueblo in the Bolivian Testimonio Si Me Permiten Hablar [Let Me Speak!]' (pp. 203-222). In Michelle A. Holling and Bernadette Calafell (Eds.), Latina/o Discourse in Vernacular Spaces: Somos de Una Voz? Boulder, CO: Lexington Books, a Division of Rowan & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.

(2008). (Co-authored with Jennifer Emerling Bone and Cindy L. Griffin). "Beyond Traditional Conceptualizations of Rhetoric: Invitational Rhetoric and a Move Toward Civility." Western Journal of Communication 72(4): 434-462. Nominated for the B. Aubrey Fisher Award.

Conference Presentations

“Racial Bullying: Can Students Survive, and Thrive in the Academy? Yes!” Bridging Voices in our Community: Bullying Prevention Conference. EIU, Charleston, IL., October 2, 2015.

“Back and Forth, Forth and Back: Rooting my Guatemalan and United States Working Class,
Political, and Transnational Presence/s.” Panel: “Blue Collar Scholars: Embracing the Presence of Our Working-Class Pasts via Ethnography (Part II).” National Communication Association Convention. Chicago, IL, November 2014.

“Presumed Incompetent: Reflecting on Past, Present, and Future Experiences of Women of Color in the Communication Discipline.” National Communication Association Convention. Chicago, IL, November 2014.

“Race Relations and the Importance of Cultural Histories.” Respondent. National Communication Association Convention. Chicago, IL, November 2014.

“Students’ Hate Free Forum: Journey to Hate Free Communities.” National Women’s Studies Association. Puerto Rico, November 2014.

“Live Divided No More: Myths and Realities of Faculty Privilege.” AAC&U Conference on Diversity, Learning, and Student Success: Policy, Practice, and Privilege. Chicago, IL, March 2014.

“The Dis/Connections of Moving from Last to ‘Firsts’: The Perils and Privileges of Moving Away from Working Class Immigrant Roots to Academic Life.” Panel: “Blue Collar Scholars: Using Ethnography to Embrace Working-Class Identities in the Ivory Tower.” National Communication Association Convention, Washington D. C., November 2013. 

"Bridging Postcolonial and Subaltern Studies, Latin American Studies, and Communication." Panel: Somos de Una Voz? [Are We of One Voice?]: Building Bridges Between Critical Cultural Studies and Latina/o Communication Studies. National Communication Association Convention, San Francisco, November 2010.

Funding & Grants

Internal Grants
Interdisciplinary Center for Global Diversity Travel Grant, Awarded Summer 2015
Interdisciplinary Center for Global Diversity Travel Grant, Awarded Summer 2014


SACIS (Sexual Assault Counseling and Information Services) 2151 Fourth St. Charleston, IL 61920 http://www.sacis.org/


Outstanding Minority Achievement Recognition Award for Outstanding Faculty Member, Spring 2015

Achievement and Contribution Award in Service, Eastern Illinois University, Fall 2014.

Sojourner Truth Award, Presented by the EIU Chapter of the NAACP, Fall 2014.

Student’s Distinguished Professor Award in distinguished subject matter, Eastern Illinois University, Spring 2013.