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Clyde Self

Clyde Self, a native of Mt. Vernon, Illinois, is currently teaching sixth grade at Mattoon Middle School in Mattoon, IL. Mr. Self is also teaching part-time at Eastern Illinois University in the education department. Clyde has been an educator for over twenty-six years, teaching in various grade levels. He also has experience as an administrator, chairperson for the District Children's Assistance Program, past president of Mattoon's United Way, an adjunct professor at Eastern Illinois University, and a consultant to the State of Illinois on various aspects in the field of education. Clyde has been a consultant for businesses and school districts. His speaking engagements have taken him all over the U. S. and he has been recognized as a national speaker.

Clyde has received several honors and awards in the field of education and community. Most recently he was a finalist for Teacher of the Year in Illinois and he was inducted into the Who's Who of American Teacher
Presenters Awards

Clyde Self
Illinois State Board:
"Teacher of the Year Runner Up"
Illinois State Board: "Those Who Excel" Award Winner
Illinois State Board: "Recognition of Excellence Award Winner"
Mattoon Foundation for Excellence: "Apple of Our Eyes Award"
Regional Office of Education: "Education is the Key Award"
Arbor Day Foundation: "Small School Winner"
Who's Who Among America's Teachers: Classroom Teacher (Awarded 7 times)
IEA/NEA/MEA: "Professional Leadership Award"

Other areas of concern: Clyde also endorsed by the National Wildlife Federation and has received special training in the area of evironmental educational training. He has received his endorsement as a Nature Quest Instructor.
Discipline strategies

Where is Ward Cleaver ?


Clyde Self

"Am I in trouble now! When my dad finds out I'll not see daylight for months because of the grounding I'm gonna get." In the 60's this is how many classroom teachers could depend on help from the families. Well, often in today's society this doesn't exist. But, wouldn't it be nice to be able to find a secret weapon like Ward Cleaver to help you deal with the constant discipline problems that children create? Well, believe it or not, I have your secret weapon just waiting for you. So come along with Clyde on a fun-filled workshop to help you become an almost perfect "Ward". This presentation is designed for educators to help them become more prepared to deal with the many different types of discipline problems that arise. Those in attendance will be shown the correct responses in dealing with hostile students and parents. Teachers, aides, and administrators will be shown how to write appropriate rules to help govern their classrooms. Another thrust of the presentation is to teach participants the importance of positive reinforcement and how to implement positive behaviors that will ultimately have your students looking forward to the day. Having a perfect "Ward" is possible with training that is designed from preschool to high school. Teachers, Administrators and Aides Discipline Workshop.

Homework Systems

Got The Homework Blues


Clyde Self

"The dog ate it? Really!! Johnny, come on, you can do better than that. If I hear that excuse one more time, I think I shall lose my mind--how many dogs can a child have?" As a classroom teacher, we have heard more excuses for work being late, half done, or a paper that is impossible to read. Many classroom teachers feel frustrated and often give up on this constant problem. How many classroom teachers can get down on their level and get some real emotion behind the students' work? I also will discuss ideas that truly make even the slowest student think and use what knowledge they have to build upon strengths they never knew existed. Some of the material will be presented in an innovative approach. If anything, this session is guaranteed to 'set you on your ears'. Come along and join Clyde in a fun-filled program to 'drop them dead in their tracks'.

This presentation is designed for educators to help them become more effective with the time consuming area of homework.

Those in attendance will be shown the correct ways of dealing with homework whether it is late, incomplete, or not presentable for the teacher to read. Participants will be given all the information they need to set up a homework policy that is foolproof and virtually free of cost. The stress of homework is eliminated from the teacher and put back on the student where it ultimately belongs.

Grade Level Interests K-12

Reading Techniques



Co-Presenters: Clyde Self and Sabra Culp

       R-E-A-D-I-N-G, YUCKS!  Does this sound familiar with your students? Well, join the crowd.  So, why don’t you come along with Clyde and Sabra for some activities that will totally blow them away.  During this session, we will discuss how a classroom teacher can get down on their level and get some real emotion behind the students’ work.  We also will discuss ideas that truly make even the slowest student think and use what knowledge they have to build upon strengths they never knew existed.  Some of the material will be presented in an innovative approach.  We shall be exploring ways in which classroom teachers can incorporate different projects into their curriculum.  Teachers will be given proven rubrics that are easy and efficient to use within the classroom setting.  We will focus upon time lines, and writing essays that make children think about what is important to them in this fast-paced world.

Grade Level Interests 3-12

The Power of............. Reading


Clyde Self & Sabra Culp

What is the true purpose of reading? Oh, there are several reasons children don't enjoy reading; so, teachers, what is the purpose of reading? Is reading's main objective to torture students to spend 50 minutes a day going over boring details about what color the shirt the main character was wearing in the story? Or better yet, assign 20 different vocabulary words to find their meanings and then use them in a story? No wonder that the latest poll given to students showed that children ranked reading as the most boring and unemotional class that they have in a day.

We have designed ideas that any classroom teacher can incorporate into their existing reading program. We will explore how a classroom teacher can bring reading to life through various methods. We shall explore the area of project designs, discussing major philosophers in classroom discussions and using the inquiry method. As practicing teachers, we can attest to the turn-around our students have taken since we have incorporated these different types of ideas. We hope that you shall join us in this fun-packed hour that will surely change your students' attitudes towards reading.

* This presentation can run from one hour to two hours depending on the conference's wishes. The target group would be for teaching.



Clyde Self

    "Have you ever felt like you have been run over by a Big Mack Truck and then it backed over you again?" And while you were driving home you thought that you should have listened to your Aunt Esther and pursued a career in basket weaving. I’m sure these types of questions have entered your mind many times.

     We have all encountered days when nothing seems to go well and we have SELF doubts about our abilities. If this sounds like you some days, don’t feel alone.  My question for you is, "What is it that you do to get by during trying times?"  I will be exploring ways of handling stressful situations in an intriguing way.

     So, come along with Clyde for a fun-filled time to help put the ZING back into your day.

I won’t reinvent the wheel, but I will make you think about what is important and how to get back to your "roots".