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Which Brain Do You Want?

with Daniel Amen, M.D.

(for students)

The goal of this video is to show a more scientific approach to teaching students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. It provides students with a clearer idea on the toll that drugs and alcohol can take on their bodies, and how it affects their future health. Five students are analyzed by Dr. Amen during the course of this video. Each student’s past is analyzed as far as the drugs and/or alcohol they have used, how heavily they have used, and what might have helped to cause them to use. He then discusses the function of each part of the brain as well as ways to keep your brain alert and healthy before administering a S.P.E.C.T. scan to each student. When looking at the brain scan, Dr. Amen looks at three main areas including: those that work well, those that are underactive, and those that are overactive. Dr. Amen promises that if you can change your poor habits now, your brain can adapt to those healthy habits and change for the better. Each student is then analyzed and given proper advice on how to live a healthier life and advised as to what changes need to be made. Dr. Amen makes it a point to remind students that you can make healthier decisions that will ultimately be beneficial for your future.

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