Spin the Bottle: Sex, Lies and Alcohol 

Featuring Jackson Katz and Jean Kilbourne

(for students)

Spin the Bottle compiles several aspects of collegiate alcohol use together to help analyze “sex” and “booze” in today’s culture. This video is broken down into several different segments consisting mainly of the media and how sex and alcohol are being glamorized to the public. Commercials, movies, and advertisements not only target this younger crowd, but they also lead adolescents to believe that this kind of behavior is socially acceptable. The video also compares and contrasts the misperceptions of males and females in relation to sex and alcohol. A large portion of the video focuses on peer pressure and other aspects of college life. This video is an excellent learning tool to help students really see what is being done to them commercially and how they can stay away from the dangers of sex, lies, & alcohol.

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