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The IHEC Listserv: If you would like to receive mailings, or you would like information sent out on our listserv please email Cherise Murphy at cnmurphy@eiu.edu.

Consider subscribing to the listservs related to alcohol, other drug, and violence prevention that are presented below!

Drug Abatement Research Discussion mailing List: the DRUGHIED discussion list has been designed as an area for individuals in higher education alcohol and substance abuse prevention to discuss relevant topics and ideas.

BACCHUS Network List: a listserv put out by the BACCHUS network that allows advisors, students, and community members to share information about prevention efforts and strategies.

SAMHSA's eNetwork: a frequently updated listing of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's website.

CESAR Fax: a weekly update from the Center for Substance Abuse Research.

ED's Safe and Supportive Schools News: weekly email updates from the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools programs.

SHS Listserv: a forum and information source for college health professionals, students with an interest in health promotion, and other individuals who are interested.

The College Health Promotion List: a forum for professionals in college health to exchange information about health promotion and prevention services.

NASPA Crisis Management and Violence Prevention List: a listserv designed as a communication network for student affairs individuals involved with campus crisis management and violence prevention.

The Health Education and Technology List: a listserv provided for those interested in new technologies in health promotion and health behaviors. To subscribe, send an email to listproc@unc.edu and leave the subject line blank. In the body of the email type: subscribe heat your first name your last name.

International Electronic Mail Directory for Health Educators: a listserv for all health educators.

Leadership to Keep Children Alcohol Free Weekly Update: to sign up to receive weekly updates about local and national prevention efforts click the "Sign up for weekly updates" icon in the upper right hand corner.

College Student Suicide Listserv: to exchange ideas, promote discussion and generally improve the quality of suicide prevention programming on college campuses. To join, please email: cssp-listserv@googlegroups.com