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College Town Large Scale Events Page

Below you will find links to large scale drinking events that are happening at college campuses around the state of Illinois. Please click on each event to learn more. 

Northwestern University Dillo Day

This is an official student-led NU event, created in cooperation with the university. Held at the end of our spring quarter, it occurs after many other schools are out for the year. However, Dillo Day is not open to non-NU students, unless they are registered guests of an NU student. www.dilloday.com  

Bradley University Senior Walk 

Bradley University students participate in a large scale drinking event that occurs the Thursday prior to Spring graduation.  The event is called Senior Walk and is not affiliated nor sponsored by the university.  Students begin drinking downtown at the riverfront bars as early as 7am.  They visit all the bars on the river, then walk up Main Street, go to the campus area bars, and then go down Farmington Road (home to a number of bars that have been cited in the past for allowing underage students to drink in the establishments).

Illinois State University

A link to the 2012 Illinois State University Fools Fest Facebook page can be found below.

Illinois State University Fools Fest