IHEC Services

The Illinois Higher Education Center, with support from the Illinois Department of Human Services, Bureau of Community Based and Primary Prevention, provides the following services to colleges and universities in Illinois:

Technical Assistance

Illinois institutions of higher education affiliated with IHEC receive technical assistance in strategic planning, implementation, and evaluation of AODV problem prevention efforts.

Conferences and Trainings

IHEC supports and promotes trainings and conferences related to alcohol, other drug and violence prevention throughout each year. The annual prevention conference for higher education is held each spring semester in Springfield, Illinois and is attended by nearly 300 participants from Illinois colleges and universities, and state and local agencies. Specialty trainings are planned and delivered each year.

Communications And Clearinghouse Materials

A variety of free resources and publications are available upon request.

Collaboration and Networking

Higher education administrators, wellness staff, students and concerned community members have several opportunities each year to network and collaborate with IHEC through the annual conferences; network meetings, training and the statewide coalition.

Assessment, Program Planning, And Evaluation

IHEC staff members are available to guide colleges and universities in assessment, planning, and evaluation of campus AODV prevention efforts through technical assistance and use of assessment instruments developed for this project. Every two years IHEC conducts a state-wide administration of the Core Alcohol and Other Drug survey. Following the administration of the Core survey a summary of statewide alcohol and drug abuse rates is published.

Funding Opportunities

IHEC works in several ways to leverage funds for institutions of higher education in Illinois. First, grant competitions are initiated by IHEC to disburse funds obtained by IHEC for institutions of higher education. Second, IHEC works with institutions in writing federal and state grant applications.


Services are offered to campuses to review and evaluate current AODV policies and make adjustments and improvements to bring them into compliance with the federal Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Act.