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Note: If the incident requires no medical action please use the incident only procedures. 

If Treatment is Necessary:
  • Receive notice from employee of a work-related injury or illness.
  • Make sure the employee is aware of his/her responsibility to call the Tristar hotline (855) 495-1554 IMMEDIATELY after the injury/illness has occurred. If employee is unable to place the call, the supervisor may call.
  • Employee has received and completed the appropriate workers’ compensation forms available online.
  • Complete the following forms upon notification of injury:
  • Forward all completed forms (including employee and witness reports) to the workers' compensation coordinator, Room 2010, Old Main.
  • If injury/illness involves days away from work or restricted work activity, contact the workers’ compensation coordinator IMMEDIATELY at 217-581-7835.
  • Have employee maintain contact with the work site (supervisor and workers’ compensation coordinator) regarding return to work issues, submission of documentation to validate work absence and/or work capacity changes.

Contact the workers’ compensation coordinator at 217-581-7835 if you have any questions.

Pursuant to Public Act 97-895, the administration of the State Employee Workers' Compensation Program is being transitioned to a third party administrator. Tristar is an experienced third party administrator that provides claims administration services to corporate and governmental entities across the United States.

Effective March 16, 2013, there is a new phone number for reporting all new reports of injury that may result in a workers' compensation claim. It is: