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Eastern Illinois University’s Speakers Microphone PodiumBureau

EIU provides a comprehensive list of speakers in a wide variety of topics organized here by subject matter. Our goal is to offer our faculty, staff, registered student organizations, etc a resource for finding quality speakers for their upcoming events

You can search the database of speakers by keyword, speaker, or topic category. Contact information for each speaker is located on the individual pages which provide detail on their area's of expertise.

Click Here to Become a Speaker Now, and lend your knowledge and expertise to the campus community!

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  • Janice Collins
    • Speaking topics include:

      Athleticism and Gender, Self Esteem, and Leadership
      Journalism/Mass Communications/Communication in a Multi-Cultural Society and Public Speaking
      Critical Issues of Race
      Critical Cultural Theory
      Leadership and Self-Esteem for the College Student
      Motivational Speaking
      Relationship and Dynamics between Broadcast Journalism and Multi-Media/Online Journalism

  • Don Dawson
  • Joe Gisondi
  • Clinton Warren
    • Sport Consumer Behavior
      Sport Sponsorship
      Ticket Sales Force Management & Training
      Spectator Sport Attendance Demand
      Public Funding of Sport Facilities
  • Chad Carlson
    • Socio-cultural aspects of sport with specific focus on historical and philosophical issues related to race, religion, and policy. Also, the history and philosophy of play and games.
  • Amber Shipherd

Thank you for your interest in our Speakers Bureau, which is a web-based Directory that provides information to allow you to directly contact a speaker independently after you review the information that is provided. This information is provided by the speakers themselves. The Eastern Illinois University Training and Development department makes no claims as to the accuracy of this information or the status of the professional licenses of any speaker listed in the directory. Use of the names and titles, or any of the information contained in this list, is prohibited without the expressed written consent of the individual speaker.

The identification of any individual in this Speakers' Bureau in no way constitutes an endorsement or guarantee, either express or implied, of the competency, services, performance, or standards of practice of either the individual Speaker, or any business, company, corporation, or organization with which the individual may be affiliated.