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EIU Scale It Down Program
Monday, April 20, 2015 through Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lab assessments start April 6, 2015 and end April 17, 2015

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Open to all Eastern Illinois University employees, EIU Scale It Down, is a ten-week program to help you increase awareness in your physical needs, increase health, and promote a healthier lifestyle. After registering for EIU Scale It Down, you must contact the Kinesiology and Sports Studies ATP (Assessment, Training and Prescription) lab, 581-7109, to schedule a one hour appointment between April 6,2015 and April 17, 2015.

During the one hour assessment, you will engage in various activities to measure strength and endurance. After the assessment is complete you will know your starting point and exactly what areas you wish to improve. The challenge officially begins April 20, 2015. Please wear comfortable clothing which will allow you to complete the exercises.

We will offer various activities and provide healthy recipes to assist you in reaching your goals. This is the third time that this program is being offered and we look forward to you reaching your goals and becoming the healthiest and happiest person that you can be. Keep track of your progress with this weekly log provided here.

Point system: Participants who wish to participate in an incentive program within Scale It Down will receive points for attending different Scale it Down events, daily walks and also for completing recommended amounts of daily/weekly exercise. More details will be announced closer to April 20.

At the end of the program there will be a “check out” assessment to determine the progress that you have made. The final assessments will take place from June 22, 2015 until June 26, 2015. We look forward to your success but always remember that success is not a race, be patient. Your goals are all attainable in time.

Good luck!

**Check out the EIU Steps It Up program running simultaneously. You may join one or both to help maximize your goals. Registration for EIU Steps It Up is available on the Scale It Down registration page.

Registration is now open, Register Here. Sign in using your EIU net id and password.

A celebration at the end of the program will recognize all individuals for their motivation and hard work.

Contact Julie Benedict at 581-8415 or Kelly Simmonds at 581-6402, eiutraining@eiu.edu for any questions or concerns.