Required Training for EIU Employees


As Eastern Illinois University employees, we are required to complete four types of training: Ethics, Identity Protection Act, Abused and Neglected Child Reporting, and Sexual Harassment.  Each training has it’s own origin, rules, and timeframe.  

IMPORTANT:  ALL new employees to EIU are required to complete the trainings as soon as they are hired.  Subsequent training varies upon the type of training.



Ethics training is provided and administered by the Ethics Officer at EIU for all employees including student employees. 

Ethics training was put into law in 2003 by the State of Illinois.  State Officials and Employees Ethics Act (The Ethics Act) training addresses several important issues for state employees: Ethics Training — both annual and for new employees; prohibited political activities including contributions on state property; procurement communication reporting; gift ban; "revolving door" prohibitions and requirements; "whistle blower" protection and others.

All new employees, including students, are required to take the training upon their employment, within the first 30 days.  Employees are required to take the training annually thereafter.

 Ethics Booklet Course for new employees

Please visit the Ethics website for further information or contact Julie Benedict for Ethics training questions, 217-581-8415,  Contact Rob Miller, EIU's Ethics Officer, 217-581-5399, for any Ethics questions or concerns.


Identity Protection Act (Social Security Number Protection):

The Identity Protection Act training is provided by General Counsel and administered by Training and Development for all employees including student employees.

The Identity Protection Act (IPA) (5 ILCS 179) became effective June 1, 2010 and was supported by an EIU Internal Governing Policy 133.2 to protect the privacy and rights of the customer in regards to Social Security Numbers and to properly train employees to protect the information.  

Eastern employees, including student employees, are required to take training as soon as they are hired and yearly thereafter.  The type of training varies with the department. 

Please visit the Identity Protection Act website for further information or contact General Counsel, 217-581-7249


Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act:

Effective June 27, 2012, personnel of institutions of higher education are mandated to report child abuse and neglect incidents as required by 325 ILCS 5.  

Therefore, all new personnel of Eastern Illinois University are required to sign a form (before hire) provided by the Illinois Department of Family Services (DCFS) acknowledging that they understand their responsibility and duty to report such incidents. 

Please visit EIU’s Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act website for more information. 


Preventing Sexual Harassment:

Training on preventing sexual harassment is provided and administered by Eastern's Office of Civil Rights and Diversity.  The training assists employees, including student employees, in learning how to identify and prevent harassment and how to report concerns and complaints. New employees are required to complete the online training course upon their employment (Internal Governing Policy, #175).  In addition, employees are expected to complete refresher/updated training every three years thereafter. 

Please contact the Office of Civil Rights and Diversity/Title IX Coordinator for information or with questions about this training on preventing sexual harassment, 217-581-5020,

Preventing Sexual Harassment Training